Thursday, August 28, 2008


In between episodes of Weeds, there's been a lot of 90210 in my apartment lately. I'd like to say this is a bi-product of living with my girlfriend, but anyone who reads this blog probably knows that's a sad lie.

Yes, I'm 30, a dude, and I'm totally gay for 90210 (preferrably the high school and college years), and I'm totally going to watch the CW-ified reincarnation that starts next week.

Reflections upon re-viewing season 3 (senior year)...

-I remember Brenda getting a lot of shit among fans, but Kelly is infinitely more annoying. She's all pouty and eating disorder-y. Get off Dylan's balls, already. His dad just BLEW UP for crying out loud!

-The prom episode is the best episode of the show. Hands down. Everyone is at their most ridiculous. And Tori Spelling playing drunk -- that tape should be shown to aspiring actresses everywhere.

And now, the climactic rally of season 3


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crazy 4 Cult: a quickie

If you get a chance, definitely go see this show. It's in its second year (official title: Crazy 4 Cult 2: This Time it's Personal), and features artists' reinterpretations of characters and scenes from -- you guessed it -- cult movies. The funnier pieces, the ones that recast their subjects in strange and awesome ways, were my favorite. (If I had a spare $500, I would've totally bought the family portrait of The Lundegaards).

And what do you know? There's a piece now, over to the left, courtesty of Jeff Ramirez. Can you guess the movie?

You can check out the still for-sale pieces at the CFC blog. The show runs through Sept 12 at Gallery 1988.

Monday, August 25, 2008

On the wings of Sunset Junction

I was kind of excited about Sunset Junction this year. The line up of bands was decent (Cold War Kids, Black Keys, The Henry Clay People), and our new apartment's 2 blocks away, which took the expensive and impossible parking out of the equation.

But this year the organizers upped admission to $20 (used to be $10), and did away with their neighborhood discount, which allowed residents within a certain radius free / discounted admission. (I'd also heard that the organizers re-drew the perimeters of the fair at the last minute, effectively shitting on the businesses who count on SJ as Christmas -- so much for community spirit?). So I was over it as fast as I was into it.

I still got to experience it, however. The Hoover Stage, which featured by far the worst music of the weekend (World Music and bad R and B), was very audible from our kitchen. Saturday and Sunday it was more Mariachi Music than I ever need, and Sunday night, we got exclusive access to Jeffrey Osborne. Not sure who Jeffrey Osborne is? You might recognize "On the Wings of Love," as I did, as I was chopping onions.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Man, this blog blows
Apologies to anyone who's come by and shaken their fist at seeing the "free download" post again. But by the way, how 'bout that free download?

I plan to return to full-on blitz posting here, or possibly on another blog-hosted site. But in the meantime, I started contributing to the L.A. section of Moleskine's international blog. Didn't know Moleskine had a blog? In the spirit of their notebook, each city blog features "updates, curiosities, traveller experiences and links to other blogs and communities."

You can find me posting about L.A. experiences and goings on 2ish times a week.

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