Monday, August 20, 2007

As awesome as a Megaburger With Cheese

I've had 90s TV Shows on the brain lately. I caught some of Melrose Place: Season 2 on Saturday, and I'm told that both Dylan McKay AND Zack Morris were on that John From Cincinatti show. And today I found this via Stereogum. It's two guys from The Forms playing the 90210 theme song on the same guitar, which is almost as gay as the song itself, but not as gay as David Silver's dancing (wait about 25 seconds; you won't be disappointed).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mayogaritas, anyone?

Anyone who's spent, well, any time with me knows my contempt for mayonnaise. When people ask why, I can only tell the truth: it's just gross.

I'm so known for hating it that a few years ago on my birthday, certain friends were going to give me $100 to drink a drink whose name is too racist and horrible to reprint here. It was a shot with Tequila, Rum, tobasco sauce, a lit match, and lined with, that's right, mayo.

Some have theorized I'm afraid of white, creamy substances. But I like yogurt and ice cream, so you can take your implied homophobia and shove it up yr ass (in a non-gay way, natch).

Matt sent this to taunt and haunt me. Apparently, mayo is a craze among younger kids in Japan, and I couldn't be more appalled. The offenders put it on everything from sushi to Margaritas. Taryn, care to explain?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Why is Jason Lee peepin me?

Last week, we walked to En Sushi for Happy Hour. If you live in LA, near Hillhurst, and like things that are awesome, go. It's 7 days a week-long, and the fish is pretty good.

After we sat, I glanced over at the table next to us. I came eye to eye with a very bearded Jason Lee. I looked down. He was staring right at me. Not in an evil way, but it wasn't "how ya doing?" either.

Of the girl he was with, Marah whispered, "that's definitely NOT his wife."

For the rest of the meal, every time my eye wandered right, Beardy Lee was looking. Is he nervous to be seen with this non-wife who keeps rubbing his arm? Did I piss him off for noticing?

I have to admit, I felt a tiny surge of power. With my eyes, I tried to convey the following message: that chip on your shoulder called Scientology isn't quite so chippy, is it?

(In retrospect it seems this had less to do with me catching him in act of infidelity, and everything to do with my pettyness and blind contempt for Scientology. It's also worth noting that I really like Jason Lee, so I guess it goes to show you a little Happy Hour sushi and beer can really go to your head).

When he finally left, I declared to everyone at the table. "Dude, Jason Lee was totally staring me down the whole time!"

Then Jon said, "I think he was watching the Dodger game. Behind you."

Also, he's divorced, it turns out.

P.S. I'm a douche.

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