Monday, November 21, 2005

Reading Recap
Thanks to everyone who came out, and to those who wanted to but couldn't. As for those who went out of their way not to attend, you just got x'd off my Christmas card list, buddy.

I was really happy with the performances, not to mention the volume of people who showed up. Gotta give props to the Silver Bullet. When it's free, it's like a tractor beam for that just-graduated-from-college crowd, apparently.

The audiences were kind. In general, they laughed when they were supposed to, although one guy told me "I laughed at many appropriate times, and even some inappropriate times". I think it was a compliment. One thing I noticed was the variety of laughs. Each night, we had a few guys and one or two girls with very distinct, very loud cackles. They let 'em out sparsley, at very particular lines, and usually they were the only ones making any noise in the house. They were my favorites.

The second night we had a Q and A with the audience, which was helpful. Got a good mix of writers with writery comments ("at what point did so and so's character change?"), and audience with audiencey comments ("more singing Jukebox"... oh yeah, there's a singing Jukebox in the play). The rest of the cast sat with me on stage. They sat in chairs, while I was on a stool, a stool that I had specially crafted -- after I measured everyone's height the day before -- to guarantee I would tower above them.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

You Are Invited

Click to see it in Big Vision!

To RSVP, email mojoinfo@gmail.com

Come on out!

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