Thursday, March 22, 2007

Muso's on The Tonight Show TONIGHT!

Just don't blink. We'll probably be on for all of 3 seconds. It's part of a bit that was taped last week while we were in Austin. Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips was a TS correspondent, and interviewed a bunch of bands, who then did silly things. One band shot confetti. Another looked like a Freak Show. I don't think that was their gag, though. Actually, I think they're called Freak Show. My gangly ass played a tiny drum set, which Josh set on fire.

I'm not shocked that they cut our interview. At one point, Wayne asked to see Parker's hairy belly button. I'm still haunted by it.

And as long as I'm being shameless -- a picture of the bit wound up in The Austin American Statesman and was picked up today by The New York Post.

For more dirty details of the tour, go here.

This was all thanks to Fatso. I owe him a hi five and some beers.

Tune in tonight!

Friday, March 16, 2007

From Austin
We've been on tour for 5 days and we're not dead yet. We are, however, beat. Un/loading a Uhaul cube and un/hitching it to your van is not all glitz and champagne. The drive to Texas was long and kind of grueling (2 12-hour days). Albuquerque was on fire. The crowd was rowdy and we followed a punk-metal band, so we cut our weak songs and dropped only bombs. They didn't throw shit. They actually dug it. We won.

Dallas was rainy. A few friends came out and the club was cool, but otherwise uneventful.

Austin so far has been non stop. Our show at Ego's last night destroyed, more because the room was full of friends and family, than for anything we did. The great Bodies of Water and Yippah followed. Around all that, we've squeezed in friends, house parties, parites you need wrist bands and RSVP's to get into (because we're totally LA like that), and family dinners.

Sat we play Treasure Island, which according to our new friend Abby is "a total frat bar", and from another dude, "full of fat chicks." Perfect.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Public Enemy with Ken Bodden, fools.

I'm also hanging out with the Mozes folks, and Parker's working it for buzznet, which is where we're storing all our pictures. Despite how it may look, the only drug consumed on this tour is alcohol. Thought I'd add that for the kids.

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