Friday, October 28, 2005

Hello from the Valley
Lately it feels like college all over again. Ah, those sweet, sweet Finals weeks. Running on caffeiene, going stubbly for week stretches, forgetting to eat, cheap beer (sidenote: we decided the other night that PBR on tap is genuinely good, as opposed to ironically good).

We're having a staged reading in two weeks. I'm furiously trying to re-write the play so it doesn't suck. This includes taking off work so there's time to attend rehearsals, make notes, and go home to keep writing, as I did last night. Don't worry, I'll keep you well informed of its happening.

The rehearsals/re-writing is sandwiched in between two weekends of marathon recording. Muso's making a CD. It sounds great so far. And perhaps more importantly, for those I haven't yet bragged to, it's being recorded in the hometown of Daniel Larusso, aka, the karate kid of The Karate Kid fame. That's right, Reseda, California. You may remember Elizabeth Shoe's dad mentioning Reseda, as if it were genocide-plagued Sudan. ("You're not dating that boy from Reseda"). Well I'm here to say Reseda ain't bad, folks. Thoroughly suburban, totally inoffensive, but not bad.

So that's the real news. I've been hanging out in the valley.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The bestest governor EVER!!
I heard she also dotted her i's with hearts.

From cnn.com
In 1997, Miers sent Bush a belated birthday card featuring a sad-looking dog and the note: "Dear Governor GWB, You are the best Governor ever -- deserving of great respect!" She added, "At least for thirty days -- you are not younger than me."

Bush's birthdate is July 6, 1946; Miers' is August 10, 1945.

Bush wrote back to wish Miers a happy 52nd birthday, telling her that he appreciated her friendship and to "never hold back your sage advice."...

That October, Miers wrote Bush a note saying she hopes his twins, Jenna and Barbara, recognize they have "cool" parents.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dear USA Network...
I found new hope for the Anaconda franchise. Now I'm no animaltologist, but if snakes and alligators can eat each other, then by movie logic, they should also be able to mate.

Now, horror sequels have to be bigger and deadlier. What's deadlier than an alligator-snake hybrid? That's right, John Voight. Good thing he was already in Anaconda 1. But ut-oh, he died at the end... or did he? Who's to say that, through mystical jungle voodoo, he can't be reincarnated as a Snakeigator? Mix in a.) a team of WB stars as scientists who have to go investigate the mythic reptile, b.) the sketchy local who guides them through the Amazon, and c.) Ice Cube, and you've got Anaconda 3. You're welcome.

Monday, October 03, 2005

In five years of living in LA, I've managed to avoid the Sunset strip on a Saturday night. I've had the extreme misfortune of being caught in traffic during that time, and it was maddening enough to keep me from ever going back, let alone going back and getting out of my car. And to make a sweeping generalization as only I can, all the people in LA that I hate hang out there. I know, I know. This is all really un-Spring Break of me. What can I say, I'm a totally complex and mysterious guy.

But Saturday, Bianca, my roommate, wanted to cheese up her 30th birthday, so it was off to Saddle Ranch we went. It reminded me of college, the strip. Specifically, it reminded me of when I lived near SDSU, and got to watch drunk frat folk stumble around in their party clothes. (Note: Las Vegas, while also full of drunk stumblers, is different 'cause it's totally shameless. In LA, there's a kind of cool or repsect or something people seem to think they're entitled to).

After struggling to find $15 parking, we made it into the bar and were seated right next to the mechanical bull. Oh yeah, there's a mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch that you can ride for a small fee. So that made the night worth it, watching drunk people bounce around. Also, the Ranch ain't too expensive, and there was amazing people watching (fake-everything hos, 40 year-old guys who think they're really hip, guys who wear nothing but leather vests and ripped-to-shreds jeans -- I like to dress up when I go out).

The highlight of the night actually happened across the street at the hotel where we parked. As we waited for the valet, Joaquin Phoenix stumbled out of the hotel with some chick, then awkwardly made chit chat with her while she waited for her car. Then, according to Kevin, he got in some budget-ass rental and drove off. Nice.

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