Friday, October 31, 2008

Calling the West Coast

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free Fallin'

The past month's been kind of a whirlwind. I was asked by this band, The Henry Clay People to fill in for their drummer when they go on tour next week. Ever since, my life's been all rehearsing and wedding-attending, with occasional Wire marathons thrown in.

So Saturday I'll be nursing my Halloween candy and punch hang over in a van (similar to the one pictured) headed to Sacramento. We'll be gone for a week, up to Seattle and back. Seattle will be my debut, actually. Henry Clay's drummer is playing the first two dates, leaving me to do my first performance not to a half-filled club, but as a live, in-studio performance on KEXP, possibly the biggest indie / web radio station in the country. Ah, pressure.

I think I'd rather turn my attention to my costume. Les Blanks is playing a Halloween show this week, and Josh and Parker are dressing up as Lemmy and Willie Nelson, respectively. I'm finally giving into all that high school taunting and just going to go as this guy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

At least the apples are still straight

I'm pretty sure climbing is frowned upon at Rileys Farm. Being lifted by your tall friend, though, not sure. Out on the orchard, the rules are un-written. We filled two bags of apples using whatever methods we could employ: climbing, jumping, hoisting -- Jeff even found a long branch for those delicious but hard to reach apples. When we got home, crisps and muffins were made, as was vanilla bean ice cream for our a la mode purposes.

Almost as prominent as the apples on Rileys Farm were the "Yes on Prop 8" signs (Prop 8 seeks to ban gay marriage in California). Apparently this sentiment covers animals too. We saw 1 male goat mount another in the animal den, and the bonnetted woman with the unfortunate job of herding the goats for our amusement chastised the mounter: "What're you doing? That is a MAN!"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello, Fall...?

I've been corralled by my lady friend into an apple-picking excursion this weekend. That's right, I said apple-picking. In Southern California. Am I blowing your mind? I think maybe I've apple picked once since I lived in Southern California, probably in Julian, where the streets are paved with apple pie.

We're going to a place called Rileys Farm where the employees dress in "period costume." The website doesn't really clarify what period.

The costume stuff might make me reconsider if I wasn't so distracted by the fact that it's 95 f'ing degrees out!

(Who am I kidding? The costume stuff only sweetens the deal).

It doesn't really seem right to do Fall stuff while you're sweating. The exception being, of course, eating apple pie.

Maybe pics to follow?

I looked more closely at the Riley Farms website. They don't just dabble half-ass in historical periods. They have everything and they have it in adventure form.

Revolutionary War Adventure, The Civil War Adventure, Gold Mine Adventure, the Old Joe Homestead Tour, featuring the pioneer life of 1880's homesteader Joe Wilshire, the Colonial Farm Life Adventure, or the Overnight Revolutionary War Adventure.

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