Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Punch-Drunk Love
Here's what I remember about Valentine's Day in the order that I remember it, which is to say no order at all. Tell me if I miss anything.

1. Stumbling from El Coyote to our house
-tackling, lots of tackling
-disapproving looks from certain Hassidic Jews in the neighborhood (you know who you are), just trying to enjoy Sabbath hang over
-the taste of lawn

2. Fattest Person In The World bets

3. Puking in my bathroom to the soundtrack of Kevin playing drums to Sunny Day Real Estate

4. Tequila shots

5. Stacey passing out on our couch for 3 hours

6. Tom proclaiming his love for Elton John ("Dude, 'Rocketman' is a good song!")

7. Sobering up for the drive to Silverlake at 11pm, where upon arrival, the blurring of my clarity was pinned with a ribbon of the Pabst variety (and a girlfriend who kissed me for rallying)

7. A cheese enchildada like melty cardboard

8. Margaritas

9. Foosball tournament

So yeah. Though not unlike a lot of weekends, it was the best V Day in a long, long time.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Nominees for Best Moments of My Birthday Weekend:
-The Shins show (best band I've seen in a year or two)
-The litre of Red Lion half 'n half
-John's punk rockified Bowie (2xs) at karaoke
-Marah's play w/ HB homies, April and Jason
-Burke Williams massage, courtesy of Lisa, Kevin, and Stacey
-La Parilla, for their sweet-ass mexican food
-Ken's rad, "here I am, so come 'n get it, y'all" rendition of "Bust a Move"
-Leigh, for making me realize -- if just for a second -- what it's like to be Patrick Swayze (pre Roadhouse, but whatever)
-You, if you came out.
-enthusiastic, drunk(?) voicemails from taryn, carolyn and orlando, respectively and respectfully

Nominees for The Worst... Period
-The couple behind me at The Shins who loudly complained through each song of "pussy LA crowds that don't appreciate the music", despite the fact that they were loudly complaining through each song.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Hijinx Mahoney Would Be Proud Of
If ever you find yourself in Silverlake with someone who wants to check out this bar, MJ's, that she heard about 'cause someone somewhere said something or other that was vaguely positive, and also 'cause the small round windows and giant knots of rope outside are amusingly nautical, do it! 'Cause you'll realize that the Blue Oyster isn't just a zany, fictional gag from the Police Academy movies, but rather a bumping, thriving, gayer than Elton John's three dollar trumpet played simultaneously by all the Village People, watering hole.

Similarly, if you're in Eagle Rock and happen onto The Shallay 'cause a specific friend definitely said it rocked, go! 'Cause it does. Stone walls, giant fireplace, couches and booths, good music that doesn't make yr ears bleed, and great beer on tap. It is, however, out in Eagle Rock. But go anyway.

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