Monday, February 09, 2004

Nominees for Best Moments of My Birthday Weekend:
-The Shins show (best band I've seen in a year or two)
-The litre of Red Lion half 'n half
-John's punk rockified Bowie (2xs) at karaoke
-Marah's play w/ HB homies, April and Jason
-Burke Williams massage, courtesy of Lisa, Kevin, and Stacey
-La Parilla, for their sweet-ass mexican food
-Ken's rad, "here I am, so come 'n get it, y'all" rendition of "Bust a Move"
-Leigh, for making me realize -- if just for a second -- what it's like to be Patrick Swayze (pre Roadhouse, but whatever)
-You, if you came out.
-enthusiastic, drunk(?) voicemails from taryn, carolyn and orlando, respectively and respectfully

Nominees for The Worst... Period
-The couple behind me at The Shins who loudly complained through each song of "pussy LA crowds that don't appreciate the music", despite the fact that they were loudly complaining through each song.

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