Friday, November 14, 2008


I think I recovered somewhere in the middle of this week, when I finally stopped being tired. Didn't sleep much on tour, which is due less to the expected crazy partying of a band on tour, than from sleeping on hardwood floors and lumpy fold-out beds.

That said, I actually felt something akin to depression when I went back to work on Monday. I really just wanted to be back in that cramped, kind of smelly van, exploring the filthy depths of "Would you Rather?", and headed to the next show.

San Francisco was the best show. We almost missed it because of shitty weather in southern Oregon, which forced us to buy chains and put them on while trucks flew by, blowing icy water everywhere.

After 13 hours, we made it just in time. Maybe we were all amped up on sheer anciness, but the performance felt really good. This was my third show with the HCP, and I could finally just play the songs without having to think too much about them. The crowd was into it and we made a decent amount of money. Success, by all accounts.

More pics, 'dotes, and odds and ends to follow...

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