Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Spring Break Movie Review

Movie: Little Children.

Rating: 4 Jello Shooters

Review: While not as suicide-inducing as In the Bedroom (the last film by Todd Field), this movie traverses some dark and uncomfortable places. Like a cellar. The cellar in Goonies. The cellar where Chunk is thrown by the Fratellis, only to realize he's stuck in there with Sloth. But just as Chunk comes to know Sloth as a gentle, albeit freakish giant who saves the day, Little Children goes beyond emotional mind-fucking and suburban satire, and turns out to be really rewarding meditation on relationships and adulthood. You don't really cheer any of the characters on, but at the same time you want them to succeed. It sticks with you. Like my love of Sloth. But not Chunk. He's a fatty.

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