Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I don't know what Italy has in store for me, but if Lucca's anything like Dallas, you can expect tales of intrigue and back-stabbing when I return. Only, instead of oil, the backdrop for the scandal will be... wait for it... olive oil!


The past week was spent on scrambling for last-minute things, like travel-size shaving cream and, you know, luggage. I realized that my "big" suitcase is a duffel bag with an enormous tear in the side. I could be mad, but it lasted me five years and, considering I bought it in what was essentially a closet with "going out of business prices every day!", I'd say we had a good run, me and that suitcase. So on Sunday I bought a totally hardcore duffel bag that could eat my old bag as a midnight snack.

I realized today that, at two weeks, this may be the longest vacation I ever get to take. It's definitely the longest one I've ever had, unless I count unemployment, which I probably shouldn't. The trip, should you be curious, will most likely be divided into the following categories:

1.) One/two day trips to cities and towns (including Venice, Florence, and Pisa)

2.) Mass Consumption of wine, fish, pasta, gelatto, garlic

I'll post pictures when we get back. In the meantime, here's where we'll be staying, as presented by Google Image Search.


*actual size may vary

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