Thursday, May 04, 2006

Quick Vent
The other day I was cleaning my windows at a gas station while talking on my cell phone, and this guy came up and asked for change. I told him, without really looking at him, "sorry, I'm busy". Nice. I really couldn't have been more of an ass. Oh wait. If my car was a Hummer, and I wasn't cleaning my windows, but tazing a homeless guy while he cleaned them for me, then yeah, I guess that would've been worse. Lately, I catch myself feeling more cynical and more impatient with people. Not with friends or people I know, necessarily. I think it's more of a general resentment of the rat race (and specifically the homeless, apparently). I know life isn't fair. I know I am no more entitled to special treatment than anyone else. I don't want to become jaded. I don't want to be a cliche. And now, because I am writing this rather than doing what I should be doing -- using company time to work on my pilot -- I am done. (Just kidding, company. You know I'm 100% efficient at all times).

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