Tuesday, January 31, 2006

my fives

five places i've vacationed to:
- lake geneva, wi
- big sur, ca
- new york, ny
- disneyworld, fl (i think there's a city there, too)
- paris, france

five movies i can watch over and over again:
- flirting with disaster
- real genius
- back to the future
- the royal tennenbaums
- top gun

five jobs and places i've worked:
- robinson's-may (stock professional)
- silver cinemas (concessions expert)
- mt. carmel high school (tutor and role model)
- usc (ta and role model (college edition))
- law firm (file master)

five websites i visit daily:
- the superficial
- cnn
- myspace
- blogs blogs blogs
- pitchfork

five things i've learned today:
- hand-claps in a rock song walk a fine line between Cool and Lame
- Coachella Festival line-up. despite the appearances of Wolf Parade, TV on the Radio, Sleater-Kinney, Clap Your Hands, et. al., I will not be attending for fear of melting. the ridiculous ticket price and massive crowds don't help, either.
- even when there are coupons involved, papa john's is not good
- muso's cd-release show is confirmed for 3/31
- i'm goin' to disneyland next wednesday

five reasons i stayed up too late lately:
- geraldo. 11pm. 'nuff said.
- writing
- arrested development seasons 1 and 2
- being too lazy to move from couch to bed
- making a gigando mix on marah's ipod

five songs that will make me stop scanning the radio:
- "the final countdown", europe
- "bust a move", young mc
- "on a plane", nirvana
- "don't stop believin", journey
- "close to me", the cure

five favorite songs to karaoke:
- "danger zone", kenny loggins
- "get out of my dreams and into my car", billy ocean
- "nothin's gonna stop us" (from mannequin), starship (an amazing duet)
- "here i go again", whitesnake
- "say you, say me", lionel ritchie

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