Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Indeed

Carolyn sent this picture to me. It was taken during a Disneyland trip six years ago. I guess she's been admiring it in private all this time, and finally decided to share. It's about time. How often do you get to see pics of me in compromising positions in public? The answer: not often enough.

I think this was my favoritest DLand trip of all time. It was a big group. Sugary, LA Girl, SpeakMemory, and 10% were there, plus Drdek, Helen, Colleen, and other people you don't know if I don't know you -- even SpeakMemory's boyfriend at the time, who beat even me at tallness and whiteness. The only thing I can't remember is if this was the trip in which we convinced Helen that there existed a ride called Forest Fire, based on the terrifying finale of Bambi when the forest burns down (they use real fire!). Ah, good times.

Suddenly I'm nostalgic, and it blows that we're not at Disneyland right now. When are we going, people?? Maybe if we sell our organs we'll raise enough money to get in. Or pay for parking.

It's probably carry-over nostalgia from Lisa and John's wedding this past weekend, which destroyed. Old friends mixed with new, plus an open bar. Pretty sweet. It is a part one cliffhanger to Taryn's, which is to follow in 3 weeks. So stay tuned... if you like wedding stuff. And even if you don't, I may just post something totally unrelated to weddings and bachelor parties soon.

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