Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Here Comes Your Genre
Someone made a CD of our show last week ("our" being Muso, "someone" being guy from the band The Mormons, "show" being last Friday at Mr. T's). We sounded different than I thought. Here I was thinking we were a friendly pop band that you could take home to mom, but there we were at Mr. T's rocking our asses off. 'Almost punk', I thought. Ladies and gentleman, a new genre: Almost Punk. That's one for the bio. "The White Stripes blend... Wilco defies... MUSO GIVES BIRTH TO!!!"

I just found out that we have officially added Austin to our tour next week. Well maybe not so much a tour as visit. Get-away. Jaunt. The only bummer is I'm missing St. Patrick's Day in LA, which means I'll have to drink my face off among Phoenixians (dude, they voted against MLK). Or it means I won't drink at all, as the idea of the following day's drive to El Paso hung over makes me hung over right now.

I wish we could stay in Austin a little longer. Hang out with my brother. Soak up the South by Southwest festivites. This is why day jobs suck. Obligations. Doesn't it know I'm a budding rock star and am therefore excused from responsibility? Don't we have technology for that yet?

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