Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Know Your Hobo
The other day as I was driving to Marah's, I noticed a new billboard where Ellit forks from Silverlake. This strip of road, which is mostly known for the under-the-bridge dip that immediately follows the billboard, is like a community center for the homeless. It's not uncommon to see men sleeping, drinking, urinating, being merry, and -- if by chance a girl's unlucky enough to walk by -- saying lewd things.

Well leave it to the savvy ad wizards at Coors to know their demographic. The new billboard boasts the slick, improved look of the Coors can, but promises it hasn't lost its classic pee flavor (I am, for the record, an outspoken supporter of Coors Lite). So in other words it's, "Don't worry, drunk hobos. We may look classy but we're still cheap as hell -- GIVE US YOUR CHANGE!".

But what I'm thinking is, what gives, Coors? Why waste money on billboards when it'd be way cheaper to cut a few cardboard signs: VIETNAM VET STARVING, PLEASE HLP ME FEEDE MY CHILDRENS, SO... HUNGRY...

Slap a little Coors logo on the back, pass 'em out, and SHIZAM! Now you can fund your student line of backpacks and scantrons.

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