Tuesday, August 17, 2004

High Fashion
I don't shop a lot, which is curious given my forever-mounting debt. But once in a while I feel the consumer pull and/or rip holes in my clothes, and decide to hit the malls. So Saturday I bought a new shirt. It's nice. That is, it's from Banana Republic and has a collar and buttons and isn't a T shirt. I wore it to work today, and almost every single person has stopped and looked at me. I'm waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out from behind a cubicle: "You're so punk'd, dawg!" (this is how Ash talks in my imagination... also, he goes by Ash). My favorite observations so far from co-workers have been, "Whoa... went shopping, huh?" and "This is a new thing for you". Part of me thinks this is sad and suggests I really need new clothes (it's just hard when there's so much un-drank beer to be bought). Another part of me knows how hot my shit is and expects more. I also tucked it in. Maybe that's it. Or it could be I've pretty much worn the same five or six shirts since I started working here two years ago. Or maybe I'm just totally FAB-U-LUSS!!!

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