Tuesday, June 08, 2004

UPN, Here we Come!
This guy in a suit came in to the office today while I was answering phones. He leaned his elbow on the counter and smacked his gum.

Me: Hi, can I help you?
Him: I have a meeting here.

Long pause.

Me: So... who's the meeting with?
Him: Dunno. No one told you about it?
Me: They try and keep me out of the loop.
Him: Huh. That's a joke?
Me: Yes. Do you have a name, or a case...?
Him: I'm an attorney. Someone just told me I had to show up here at this time for a mediation.
Me: Right.

While I checked the calendar, he plopped on the lobby couch, his knees falling to either side, his arms collapsing, like he'd just run a marathon. It reminded me of Kona, my 300 pound Samoan roommate in college who couldn't get more than a few feet without exhausting himself.

Him: (from across the lobby, pointing at the firm's name behind me). Hey, that looks familiar. That name right there. Yeah, seems right.

By kooky deduction, we figured it out together. Oscar to Felix, Batman to Robin, Mindy to Mork. And then I realized we'd make a great sitcom pair. Every week he and I would try and figure things out, like what time an appointment was, who called earlier, etc. And at least once every week our boss (we also have a boss) would sternly tell us, "You're off the case!" (we solve cases, too), and one of us would yell back, "no! you're off your case!". But, you know, in a funny way. Because it's a sitcom.

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