Monday, June 21, 2004

Sports Chaletttt... We take you to THE LIMIT!!!
Turns out that that catchy radio jingle is no joke. In preparation for part 1 of Rad Summer Vacation '04: Camping in Big Sur, Marah and I hit up SC of Burbank, in which the following was purchased:

-Tent tarp
-Flashlight-lantern combo
-Skewers (Seems like a waste of money when nature's tentacles, sticks, are available for roasting. But we figured they could double as knives in case bears and/or snails attack. Okay, I figured that)
-Tooth brush containers
-Bug spray (Apparently bug sprays have their own brand of SPF, called Meed or something. Anyone know what the deal is?)

The double-edge sword of being taken to The Limit, of course, is there's so many things you want to buy that could be useful. And we're not just talking one of each item. When you're riding The Limit, you can pick from different sizes, shapes, models, colors, Meeds, etc. But we're poor. So the coffee maker, fold out chair, and mini grill, were regretfully left behind. And the tree-chopping axe. Admittedly, that was more of a vanity item.

But we're good to go. Five days of whoopin' it up in the woods and Marin. Vacation, how I've missed you.

(We don't have no fancy pants digital camera, but if anyone cares, this is where we'll be).

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