Monday, June 07, 2004

The weekend passed. Marah had a rad barbecue. Not too big, no one lame came. Enough beer and pork products to go around. Ken showed up and brought Alamo. Neighbors emerged we didn't know existed. And to top it off, Muso was unleashed on the public like a rock virus, infecting all casual stand-arounds and grillers alike. A warning to all witnesses. You may experience the sprouting of candy from your ears, an inability to control the extension of your middle finger at The Man, and overall swelling of Total Awesomeness. I dare say that, save for a forgotten bass line, a flubbed lyric, and my refusal to look anyone in the eye while playing, we SERVED those fools! In a good way. And by "fools", I mean "gentle 'cuers". People apparently liked us, 'cause, much to our genuine surprise, we got requests to play again later. We were out of songs. This didn't deter anyone. Important note 1: everyone was drunk. Important note 2: so were we. Thus, the second set commenced. No cops came. Lucky for them.

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